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September 20-22, 2015 ISOFAR Organic 3.0 Scientific Symposium at the Organic Expo, Korea

20.09.2015 to 22.09.2015
Location: Organic Expo, Korea

October 5-9, 2015: 3rd African Organic Conference in Nigeria

05.10.2015 to 09.10.2015
Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Achieving Scocial and Economics Development through Ecological and Organic Agricultural Alternatives read more

October 9-10, 2015: Organic 3.0 Project Conference

09.10.2015 to 01.10.2015
Location: Organic Expo, Korea

5th International Conference on Organic Agriculture Sciences „Bringing Innovations to Organic Farming“

14.10.2015 to 17.10.2015
Location: Bratislava, Slovakia

Organic Innovation Days

01.12.2015 to 02.07.2015
Location: Brussels, Belgium

2016 Organic Agriculture Research Symposium in California: Submit abstracts by September 15

18.01.2016 to 19.01.2016
Location: Pacific Grove, California, US

The Organic Farming Research Foundation (OFRF) and the Kearney Agricultural Research and Extension (KARE) Center invite the submission of research... read more

Long-term strategy for European agricultural research and innovation by 2020 and beyond

26.01.2016 to 28.01.2016
Location: Brussels, Belgium

The "Long-term strategy for European agricultural research and innovation by 2020 and beyond" is being developed by the ... read more

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