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Data collection on organic agriculture world-wide

About the data collection and the global survey on organic farming

The annual survey on organic agriculture world-wide is carried out by the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) and the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM). Numerous experts from more than 160 countries are contributing to the data collection.

Currently, the data collection activities on organic agriculture worldwide are funded by the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO and N├╝rnbergMesse, the organisers of BioFach Fair, who have supported the survey and the yearbook 'The World of Organic Agriculture' since 2000.

In the yearbook The World of Organic Agriculture the data collected in the frame of the survey are presented annually.

The following information is collected in the frame of the global survey:

  • area data
  • livestock data
  • production
  • land use and crops
  • operators
  • market data
  • international trade data

Some history

The global organic survey was initiated by the former organizers and initiators of BioFach, Sunder und Rottner, who approached the German Foundation Ecolgy & Agriculture SOEL in 1999 and asked them, if they could perform data collection on organic agriculture world-wide. (On the history of BioFach see article in the Eve magazine).

Since then the survey has been carried out by SOEL (until 2004) and  FiBL (since 2005).

IFOAM became a partner in the data collection activities in 2007; since that time the data from sub-Saharan Africa are collected by the IFOAM Africa Office .

Since 2000 the latest global organic figures have been presented annually at the BioFach Fair in Nuremberg, of which IFOAM is the patron.

SECO ITC project

From 2008 to 2011 the data collection activities were  supported under a project of the International Trade Centre ITC and the Swiss State Secretariat of Economic Affairs SECO. Under this project the following activities were funded:

  • Building of a web based data collection tool
  • Complete redesign of the www.organic-world.net homepage (as a tool for the web based data collection, to provide the statistical material and graphs as well as backgound information
  • Data collection and processing
  • Overview of data availability world-wide
  • Dissemination activities

Survey on organic agriculture worldwide

Data on organic agriculture worldwide are collected annually by FiBL in collaboration with the Interntional Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements ( IFOAM).


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