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According to the latest statistics, provided by Biological Farming Association Elkana for the global organic survey, the current situation (October 2008) is as follows:

The extension service of Elkana covers 5659  hectares (530 farms). The main products of the member farmers are: wine,  honey, different types  of beans, tea, cheese, sunflower oil, fruit juices  and canned vegetables, also fresh fruits, citruses and vegetables.

31 hectares (3 farms) are certified as organic (according international standards and EU Regulation 2092/91), and 220 hectares (46 farms) are under conversion.

  • 251 hectares of land area under organic and in-conversion management;
  • Land use: 106 hectares vineyards, further crops and products: honey, citrus fruit, nuts, canned vegetables;
  • 49 organic farmers;
  • There are no further operator types.

Standards and legislation

Georgia is a country of fully implemented regulation. The "Law on Biological Agro production of Georgia" the "National Standard on Organic Production" (approved in April 2008) was drafted in accordance with the Codex Alimentarius Guidlines for the Production, Processing, Labeling and Marketing of Organically Produced Foods (GL 32 - 1999, Rev. 1 - 2001).

There is also the private Standard of the Biological Farming Association Elkana which is  registered in Georgia and completely corresponds to EC Regulation 2092/91.

For the  Law on Biological Agro production of Georgia as well as that of the Biological Farming Association Elkana see www.elkana.org.ge/law.php?lang=en

International Conference

The ’2nd International conference on the organic sector development in Central/Eastern European and Central Asian countries’ took place in Tbilisi, Georgia from September 10 to 11, 2009.

Conference homepage