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Costa Rica

Current statistics

The unit in charge of organic agriculture at Costa Rica's Ministry of Agriculture AROA has recently released the latest figures (2008) on organic agriculture in the country.

The figures show that:

  • There are five certifiers in the country, the most important one being Ecologica, a local company. It certifies more than half of the country's organic land. Further certifiers are the international certifiers BCS, Control Union, OCIA and the Costa Rican Agencia Certificadora de Producción Orgánica.
  • According to the latest statistics 8004 hectares are under organic management. This constitutes about 0.3 percent of the country's agricultural land.
  • More than half of the organic area are bananas, followed by coffee and cocoa.
  • Comapred with the previous year the organic land went up, but compared with earlier years the organic area decreased quite substantially, due to floodings but also due to competion from non-organic labels.
  • 70 percent of the products grown are exported to the Netherlands (7'700 tons), followed by Belgium and Germany.

Source: AROA at www.protecnet.go.cr/agricultura_organica/estadisticas.html and written communication to FiBL from local experts. 

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Statistics - Sources

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