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Organic Agriculture in Latin America and the Caribbean 2009 (data 2007)


In Latin America, 220’000 producers managed 6.4 million hectares of agricultural land organically in 2007. This constitutes 20 percent of the world’s organic land. The leading countries are Argentina (2'777'959 hectares), Brazil (1'765'793 hectares) and Uruguay(930'965 hectares).

The highest shares of organic agricultural land are in the Dominican Republic and Uruguay with more than six percent and in Mexico and Argentina with more than two percent.

Market and Exports

Most organic production in Latin America is for export. Important crops are tropical fruits, grains and cereals, coffee and cocoa, sugar and meats. Most organic food sales in the domestic markets of the countries occurs in major cities, such as Buenos Aires and São Paulo. 

Government support

In recognition of the growing importance of the organic sector to Latin America’s agricultural economy, governmental institutions have begun to take steps towards increasing involvement; governments are beginning to play a central role in the promotion of organic agriculture. The types of support in Latin American countries range from organic agriculture promotion programs to market access support by export agencies. In a few countries, limited financial support is being given to pay certification cost during the conversion period.

Further reading

The 2009 edition of 'The World of Organic Agriculture' contains several country reports that were written by country experts and compiled by Salvador Garibay of FiBL.

  • Organic Farming in Latin America and the Caribbean
    Salvador V. Garibay and Roberto Ugas 
  • Argentina
    Dina Foguelman  
  • Chile
    Pilar M. Eguillor Recabarren  
  • Colombia
    Carlos Escobar 
  • Organic Agriculture in Cuba: Managing with Limited Resources
    Lukas Kilcher 
  • Dominican Republic
    Rafael Marty Garcia  
  • Ecuador
    María A. Rovayo and Sonia Lehmann  
  • El Salvador 
    Beatriz Alegría  
  • Guatemala
    Eddie Manolo de la Cruz Berganza  
  • Mexico
    Manuel Ángel Gómez Cruz, Rita Schwentesius Rindermann, Laura Gómez Tovar,                          
    Javier Ortigoza Rufino and Erin Nelson  
  • Venezuela
    Luisa Díaz Jaimes and Félix Moreno-Elcure  


The World of Organic Agriculture 2009

4th Meeting and Organic Producers Fair of Latin America and the Carribbean

The Fourth Organic Meeting and the Organic Producers' Fair of Latin America and Caribbean will take place from October 12 to 16 in Salinitas, El Salvador

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