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Organic Agriculture in Oceania - data 2017


In 2017, the organic agricultural land in Oceania was 35.9 million hectares, which constituted 8.5 percent of the total agricultural area in the region. Half of the world’s organic agricultural land is in Oceania. The area under organic production has increased six fold since 2000 (5.3 million hectares). Between 2016 and 2017, the area in Oceania grew by over 8.5 million hectares – 31 percent more - mainly due to a large growth of the organic agricultural area in Australia. However, further countries, such as Samoa (more than 43’000 hectares more, nearly 68 percent) and Vanuatu (over 3’000 hectares more, 26.2 percent growth) showed an important growth. The country with the biggest organic agricultural area is Australia with 35.6 million hectares, and the highest organic share of total agricultural land is in Samoa, with 37.6 percent of all farmland under organic cultivation, followed by Australia with 8.8 percent.

Land use

It is estimated that in 2017, nearly 97 percent of all organic farmland in Oceania was grassland/grazing areas (34.9 million hectares, mainly in Australia). Detailed data on crop was not available for Australia, the country with the largest area. However, it was available for all other countries. From the available data, we can assume that permanent crops play an important role in the Pacific region. Coconuts is the largest grown commodity (almost 135’000 hectares, 25 percent of the total region’s coconut area) in the Pacific Islands, mainly for oil production. Furthermore, coffee (nearly 14’000 hectares, 25 percent of the total coffee grown in the region) are also largely grown.


There were almost 27’000 organic producers in the region, with the largest number of producers in Papua New Guinea (almost 12’800 producers), Vanuatu (over 3’800 producers), and Samoa (over 2’000 producers). Since 2006, when data for most of the countries became available, their number has more than trebled.


For 2017, the total organic market was almost 1.3 billion euros for the region. Australia reported an organic market of 1.1 billion euros and New Zealand retail sales value 155 million euros. For the other countries in the region, no data is available. The annual organic consumption was 47 euros per person in Australia and 33 euros per person in New Zealand.

Source: The World of Organic Agriculture 2019