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October 14-16, 2009: Fourth Organic Producers' Fair of Latin America and the Caribbean in El Salvador

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Salinitas, El Salvador

The Fourth Organic Producers' Fair of Latin America and the Caribbean will take place from October 14 to 16 2009 in Salinitas, El Salvador.

It is a platform for suppliers and buyers of organic and fair-trade products from Latin America and offers the following to its visitors:

  1. Make direct business with farmers organization
  2. Participate at the business roundtable
  3. Participate at a buyers mission tour in the different countries of the region
  4. Discover new producers organizations and innovative products
  5. Environmental and education services
  6. Financial services, commercial activities
  7. New technologies such as biological control, organic certified inputs, pest management etc.
  8. Results or general information of private and developing projects on organic agriculture and Fair Trade

The fair is held in conjunction with the IV Organic Meeting of Latin America and Caribbean, also held in Salinitas from October 12 to 16, 2009.

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http://www.fibl.org/fileadmin/documents/en/news/2009/2009-10-12-16-encuentro-latinamerica.pdfHomepage of the IV Organic Meeting and IV Organic Producer Fair of Latin America and the Caribbean

Organic-World.Net: IV Organic Meeting of Latin America and Caribbean

International Committeee

  • PITTA Organico – Costa Rica
  • Instituto Nacional de Ciencias Agrarias (INCA) – Cuba
  • Universidad Agraria de Chapingo (UACH) – Mexico
  • Universidad Nacional Agraria (UNA) – Nicaragua
  • Asociación de Organizaciones de Productores Ecológicos de Bolivia (AOPEB)
  • Instituto de Investigaciones para la Agricultura Organica (FiBL)

National Committee

  • CLUSA El Salvador
  • Ministerio de Agricultura y Ganadería
  • Universidad de El Salvador


Ing. León Bonilla
Coordinator of the National Committee
E-mail leonbo(at)integra.com.sv
Tel.  OO503 22647105
Fax. OO503 22647134

Lic. Beatriz Alegría,
Coordinator of the IV Organic Meeting and Fair
E-mail: beatrizalegria(at)integra.com.sv
Tel. OO503 2264 7106
Fax OO503 2264 7134

Dr. Salvador V. Garibay
Member of the International Committee
E-mail: salvador.garibay(at)fibl.org
Tel.  OO41 62 865 7228
Fax.  0041 62 865 72 73 

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