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October 5-9, 2015: 3rd African Organic Conference in Nigeria

Achieving Scocial and Economics Development through Ecological and Organic Agricultural Alternatives

Lagos, Nigeria

At the 3rd African Organic Conference Nigeria, to take place October 5 to 20, 2015 in Lagos, Nigeria, the following themes will be discussed.

  1. Potential of Organic Agriculture in the context of Gender, Poverty
    Alleviation, Climate Change Adaptation and Food Security
  2. Ecological Organic Agriculture Knowledge, Information and Experiences
  3. Trends and Prospects for Harnessing the Potentials of EOA within the Context of the 3AGT (Africa Accelerated Agricultural growth and Transformation)
  4. Reinforcing African Organic Agriculture Research Capacities
  5. Institutions and Policy Priorities for Ecological Organic Agriculture in Africa
  6. Building the African Organic Produce Markets in Africa
  7. Right of Citizens to Safe and Nutritious Foods and Sustainable Environment

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noanigeria.net: Homepage of the Conference

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