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September 28 - 29, 2009: Organic Agriculture and Climate Change in Sofia, Bulgaria

The conference 'Organic Agriculture and Climate Change', to take place in September 2009 in Sofia, Bulgaria, is organised by Avalon.

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Sofia, Bulgaria

Organic farming contributes to the reduction GHG emissions because it reduces the consumption of fossil fuels (notably those used in fertiliser manufacturing), reduces emissions of CO2, methane and nitrous oxide. It also reduces vulnerability of soils to erosion, while at the same time increasing carbon stocks in the soil. Consequently, conversion to organic farming is believed to be a viable way of reducing GHG emissions.

The conference objectives are to:

  1. Inform about potentials and challenges of organic farming in regard to climate protection.
  2. Provide opportunity to exchange ideas about research, education and demonstration projects and opportunities on organic farming and climate change.
  3. Inspire to adopt policies fostering development of organic farming and promoting the spread of its practices.

The conference will bring together a range of organic farming stakeholders, mainly from Central and East European countries, the Balkans, the Caucasus and Central Asia. The participants are expected to come from the ministries, universities, research institutes, extension service, organic NGOs and the business sector.

The conference is organised by Avalon, an international, Netherlands-based foundation supporting organic agriculture and rural development in Eastern Europe and other regions/countries whose economies are in transition.

The conference takes place in the framework of several events, all organised by Avalon.

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Links and info

    1. Avalon Network Meeting (Sep 26 – 27) (for registered network members only)
    2. International Conference on Organic Agriculture and Climate Change (Sep 28 – 29) (open for all public)
    3. International Conference on Organic Agriculture, Biodiversity and Business (Sep 30 – Oct 1) (open for all public)
    4. Rhodopi Mountains Study Tour (Oct 1 - 3) (on invitation only)
    5. Organic Food Excursion (Sep 29) (open for all public)


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