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August 27-30, 2012: First international conference on organic rice production systems in Montpellier, France

The first international conference on organic rice production systems is open to researchers and to all stakeholders in the production chain: rice growers, professional organisations and their partners, collection, transformation and commercialisation companies, territorial managers.


Montepellier, France

The principal objective of the conference is to stimulate and favour exchanges between research scientists, rice growers and other stakeholders in the organic rice production and commercialisation chain.

Conference aims:

  • assess actual knowledge of the functioning of organic rice production systems on different time and space scales; 
  • identify innovations being undertaken and obstacles that block the development of these systems; 
  • analyse the impact of different types of organic rice production on food quality and health and their contribution to the construction of the pillars of sustainable development; 
  • analyse the impact of public policy and to propose guidelines.

The conference is taking place at the INRA campus in Montpellier, France.

The conference is organised by by the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) in collaboration with further institutions.

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Jean-Claude Mouret
UMR Innovation
2 place Viala
34060 Montpellier cedex2
Fax +33 4 67 54 58 43

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