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September 17, 2012: 2nd ISOFAR International Symposium on Asian Organic Agriculture, Cheonan, South Korea

2nd ISOFAR International Symposium on Asian Organic Agriculture will cover a wide range of topics related to organic farming.

University, Cheonan, Republic of Korea

Topics will relate to a wide range of agronomic and animal production including organic seed, crop rotation, weeding management, bio-diversity, animal husbandry, digesting organic waste, organic agriculture and local development.

  • Production of organic seed and seedlings, Mohamed Ben Kheder, Tunisia
  • Soil test and optimum fertilization strategy, Sang Mok Sohn, Korea
  • Crop rotation and legume, Ulrich Koepke, Germany
  • Agroecological weed management for organic farmer , Laszlo Radics, Hungary
  • Impact of research in organic agriculture – an example from 15 years of research in Denmark, Ilse Rasmussen, Denmark
  • Digesting organic waste for energy production and nutrient recycling – impacts on soil biology and fertility, Anne-Kristin Loes, Norway
  • Bio-diversity and organic agriculture, Ulrich Koepke, Germany
  • Organic agriculture and local development - A case study in Bosha County/Shandong/China, Wu Wenliang, Chian
  • Future challenges in future organic animal husbandry practice and science need more efforts, Gerold Rahmann, Germany

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The symposium is organised in the International Conference Hall of Dankook University, Cheonan, Republic of Korea.


For specific questions please contact Prof. Dr. Sang Mok Sohn.



Prof. Dr. Sang Mok Sohn
Dankook University
Research Institute of Organic Agriculture
29 Anseo-dong
330-714 Cheonan
Republic of Korea
Tel. +82 41 550 3663
Mobile +82 10 4028 2939
Fax +82 41 568 3633

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