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Uzbekistan: Local certification body established


Local inspection services for organic certification are now available in Uzbekistan. In cooperation with Swiss certification body IMO - Institute for Marktecology, the MBM Group performs pre-assessment inspection and final inspection for organic certification according to the following organic...

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Expert group for technical advice on organic production: Call for applications


The European Commission has published the call for applications regarding the expert group for technical advice on organic production. The deadline for application is February 2, 2010.

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Round Table on Organic Agriculture and Climate Change established


Climate change directly influences food production and food security. To address these new challenges, the Round Table on Organic Agriculture and Climate Change has been established on December 16, 2009, at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen.

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Agriculture can slow global warming – but which type of agriculture?


At the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, the farmers' organisations are calling for agriculture to be included in the negotiations as part of the package of climate change solutions. But: Which type of agriculture is really suited to sustainably mitigate climate change? FiBL director Urs...

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Reducing greenhouse gases, sequestering carbon – Harnessing the potential of organic farming!


Copenhagen Climate Summit: FiBL calls for worldwide promotion of organic farming

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Organic food at the Copenhagen Climate Conference


According to the homepage of the Copenhagen Summit, sustainability is one of the main focal points when it comes to providing adequate and satisfactory catering at the COP15.

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EU organic logo: Online vote


Over 3400 students from all 27 EU Member States participated in the EU organic logo competition. Out of all of the submissions, the jury made a pre-selection of the best 100 logos in the first judging round. In the following stage, three designs were selected.

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IFOAM EU Group: Key demands for a sustainable CAP 2014-2020 presented to the public


Agriculture must use fewer inputs and consider climate and biodiversity say experts on the 2nd European Organic Congress in a press release of the IFOAM EU Group. The group presented the new document 'Key demands for a sustainable CAP 2014-2020.'

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Soil carbon and organic farming: New report from the Soil Association


According to new research from the Soil Association at least 3.2 million tonnes of carbon would be taken up by the soil each yearm if all UK farmland was converted to organic farming.

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Cover of the ewsletter of the LowInputBreeds project

First newsletter of the LowInputBreeds project now available


The first newsletter of the LowInputBreeds is now available at the LowInputBreeds website.

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Global organic survey: Graphs


A Power Point presentation with graphs and explanatory notes on the current status of organic farming world-wide is now available from the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture FiBL.

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Austria: Organic apple production to increase in the near future


According to AMA-Marketing, presently 3 percent of the apples are grown organically in Austria, which is about 4'000 tons. This quantity covers about half the Austrian requirements. Every second organic apple is imported.

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Expert group for technical advice on organic production: Call for applications to be published soon


The European Commission will soon publish a call for applications with a view to appointing members of the expert group for technical advice on organic production and establishing the relevant pool list.

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FAO Glossary on organic agriculture now online


The new FAO Glossary on Organic Agriculture contains 401 concepts with synonyms, variants, definitions, remarks and context fields where appropriate. It is is available in English, French and Spanish. The Arabic and Chinese versions are under development.

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Global organic market: Positive mood


In a recent press release BioFach informs about current market trends. FiBL provided some of the information from the current survey on organic agriculture world-wide.

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European Organic Congress: Programme now available


IFOAM EU Group organises its second Organic Congress to bring this time to the attention the potentials of organic production for solving global problems - workshop programmes and registration are now online.

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ICO Logo

Organic coffee: International Coffee Organisation ICO releases new export figures


The International Coffee Organisation has compiled the latest export data on organic coffee and makes them available at its homepage.

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Logo TP Organics

Europe: Technology Platform Organics: Consultation on Strategic Research Agenda


The Technology Platform TP Organics has reached major achievements in the first half year 2009 on its way towards a Strategic Research Agenda SRA. The current consultation is running until October 26, 2009.

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Latin America and Caribbean: Fourth organic meeting successfully concluded


More than 300 participants made their way to El Salvador to the Fourth meeting of the organic sector in Latin America and the Caribbean, which took place from October 12 to 16, 2009.

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Logo LowInputBreeds

European project LowInputBreeds begins: Improving animal health and product quality in European organic and ‘low input’ livestock production systems


A large-scale project which aims to improve animal health and product quality in European organic and ‘low input’ livestock production systems has just begun.

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Cover IFOAM annual report 2008

IFOAM: Annual report 2008 released


In its 2008 Annual Report, the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements IFOAM introduces some of its members and illustrates the federations' impact and activities.

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Logo gain

Serbia: New GAIN report


The Foreign Agricultural Service of the United States Department of Agriculture has recently released an extensive report about the current situation of organic farming in Serbia.

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IFOAM PGS Database now online


The IFOAM database on Participatory Guarantee Systems for Organic Agriculture (PGS) intends to help PGS stakeholders and other PGS-interested persons to connect and to provide compiled information to those doing research or wanting to support PGS. IFOAM regularly updates and monitors the information...

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Mexico: Information seminars on organic farming


The Autonomous University of Chapingo is organising several seminars for government officials and other representatives of the organic sector, in order to inform about organic farming.

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ORCA: Database with information on organic research institutions now online


The proposed Organic Research Centres Alliance ORCA intends to internationally network and strengthen existing institutions with scientific credentials and empower them to become centers of excellence in transdisciplinary organic agriculture research. The ORCA database is now online.

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Call for Abstracts: Symposium ’Soil Fertility and Crop Nutrition Management in Mediterranean Organic Agriculture’


The symposium ’Soil Fertility and Crop Nutrition Management in Mediterranean Organic Agriculture’ takes place from March 23 to 25, 2010, in Sousse, Tunisia. Abstracts must be submitted to the organizers of the symposium no later than 1 January 2010.

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Pakistan: National Programme for the Promotion of Organic Farming planned


The government of Pakistan has planned to initiate 'National Programme for the Promotion of Organic Farming in Pakistan', officials told the Daily Times news service.

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NJF Logo

Proceedings of the conference 'Fostering healthy food systems through organic agriculture'


In August 2009, the conference "Forstering healthy food systems through organic agriculture - Focus on the North-Baltic Region" took place in Tartu, Estonia.

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African Organic Conference: Workshop Report "Organic Agriculture for Improved Food Security in Africa" now available


During the 1st African Organic Conference held in Kampala, Uganda, a one day workshop was held on "Organic Agriculture for Improved Food Security in Africa". The workshop report has now been published.

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Ukraine: Domestic market is growing


Although the organic sector in Ukraine had been exclusively export oriented, since the beginning of 2009 several Ukrainian products are sold on the domestic market.

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Conference banner

Georgia: Successful organic conference


About 200 participants from 22 countries (the majority in Eastern Europe) came to the second International Conference on the Organic Sector Development in Central/Eastern European and Central Asian Countries. The venue was the Agricultural University of Tbilisi in Georgia.

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Kenya: Domestic market grows by 40 percent in 2008


The Kenya organic domestic market is growing fast. A recent study of the Kenya Organic Agriculture Network KOAN, compiled by Samuel Ndungu and Jack Juma, gives an overview of the the national organic market in 2008.

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Italy: One million hectares of organic land in 2008


According to the latest data, in Italy more than one million hectares are under organic management (December 31, 2008). However, compared with the previous year, there has been a decrease in the organic land area.

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Logo Ministry of Agriculture

Ireland: New organic advisory group, Forás Orgánach


Trevor Sargent, the Irish Minister for Food and Horticulture at the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, named the members of Forás Orgánach on August 28, 2009. Forás Orgánach is a new body which was established to drive forward the development of the organic sector in Ireland.

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South Africa: New report about export potential


A recent report informs about the organic production and export potential in the the Republic of South Africa with a focus on the Netherlands.

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Germany: Organic food sector grows by 10 percent in 2008


Total sales in the organic sector in 2008 are stated as 5.85 billion Euros compared with the previous 5.3 billion Euros.

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Logo of the 4th meeting of the organic sector in Latin America and the Caribbean

Latin America and Caribbean meeting: Data collection workshop


At the fourth meeting of the organic sector of Latin America and the Caribbean (October 12-16, 2009) a workshop on data collection will be held. It is convened by d the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture FiBL and CLUSA, one of the conference organisers.

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Romanian Organic Forum 2009 - International Meeting on the Processing and Marketing of Organic Food, in October 2009


Business people, experts and newcomers to the organic market from Romania, but also Poland, Ukraine, Germany and other countries will meet in Bucharest on 22-23 October 2009 for the first Romanian Organic Marketing Forum.

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Cover of the broshure 'Organic Farming in Estonia' 2008

Estonia: Almost ten percent of the agricultural land organic in 2008


Organic production has grown rapidly in Estonia, one of the reasons being the financial support since 2000. By 2008 organic land (approx. 87'000 hectares) was close to ten percent of all agricultural land in use, with 1245 organic producers. A new broshure informs extensively about the sector.

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European Union: Implementing rules on organic aquaculture published


On August 6, 2009, the detailed rules on organic aquaculture animal and seaweed production were published in the Official Journal of the European Union.

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Logo ecofruit

Call for papers: Ecofruit conference in February 2010


The next Ecofruit conference takes place in Hohenheim near Stuttgart in Germany. Conference abstracts can be submitted until November 15, 2009.

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DAFF logo

Ireland: Review of organic farming scheme to meet government target


(DAFF) Trevor Sargent, Minister for Food and Horticulture at the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, has recently announced a review of the Organic Farming Scheme. The review will look at how available funds are used to best effect to deliver increased organic production and attain the 5...

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logo of the 28th horticultural congress

Call for papers: Symposium on organic horticulture


The Symposium will be held at the Lisboa Congress Centre as part of the 28th International Horticulture Congress, a world conference on horticultural sciences. Papers can be sumitted until December 31, 2009.

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Logo Worldwatch Institute

World: Organic agriculture more than doubled since 2000


The Worldwatch Institute has prepared an extensive overview article about organic farming world-wide. Some of it is based on the data compiled by FiBL and IFOAM and on other findings of the book 'The World of Organic Agriculture 2009'. Furthermore a lot of current relevant literature is cited.

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Zimbabwe: Government urged to consider organic agriculture systems


Organic farming has emerged as a sustainable alternative to enhance food security in Zimbabwe as efforts to revive agriculture gather pace.

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Logo Green Marketing

Czech Republic: Green marketing releases detailed market data


According to recent press release of Green Marketing, Czechs bought most of their organic food in retail chains in 2008.

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Finland: 19 percent growth of the organic market in 2008


The market for organic food in Finland experienced slow growth for several years but in 2007 it grew by 10 percent, and the latest figures from Nielsen show that in 2008 the market grew by a healthy 19 percent.

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Czech Republic: Yearbook on organic farming 2008 now published


The third yearbook of organic farming in the Czech Republic was recently published by the Czech Ministry of Agriculture in cooperation with the Bioinstitut. It contains a wealth of information including detailed statistical information on the country's organic sector.

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Organic wine: Final recommendations of the ORWINE project


The final report of the ORWINE project is focussing on recommendations for elaborating rules for organic wine in the EU Regulation on organic production.

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Logo OTA

Organic coffee: North American market tops 1.3 billion US Dollars


The North American organic coffee market topped 1.3 billion US Dollars in 2008, making it the single most valuable organic product imported into North America, according to new data released on July 21, 2009, by coffee market analyst Daniele Giovannucci at an event hosted by the Organic Coffee...

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Latin America and the Caribbean: Organic Meeting and Organic Producers' Fair in October in El Salvador


The fourth Organic Meeting and Organic Producers' Fair of Latin America and the Caribbean will be held during October 12 to 16 2009 in Salinitas, El Salvador.

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Cover of the stakeholder directory India 2009

India: Third edition of the Directory of Organic Stakeholders published


Recently the third edition of the Indian Directory of Organic Stakeholders was published. It lists 867 institutions and companies.

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Logo IFOAM EU group

European Organic Congress in December in Brussels


Chances and challenges for organic farming in times of climate change, biodiversity loss and global food crisis is the focus of the Second European Organic Congress to be held in Brussels on December 1, 2009.

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Logo TP Organics

TP Organics: Organic Stakeholder Forum presents draft of Strategic Research Agenda


On July 15, 2009, the research Technology Platform ‘TP Organics’ held its annual Stakeholder Forum in Brussels and presented the first draft of its second major publication – the TP Organics Strategic Research Agenda.

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Bioacademy 2009: Answers to the challenges of the global crisis


The 9th European Summer Academy on Organic Farming - Biocademy 2009 - was held on June 24 to 25, 2009, in the premises of the Horticultural Faculty of the Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry in Lednice na Moravě, Czech Republic.

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Next global organic survey


The next survey on organic farming worldwide will start mid 2009. As in the previous years, it will be conducted by FiBL and IFOAM.

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Austria: Organic land and number of farms: increase in 2008


In Austria the number of farms and the organic land increased also in 2008. With 13.8 percent of the country's agricultural land, Austria has the highest share of organic land in the European Union and the second highest in the world.

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Amarjit Sahota

Sustainable Foods Summit receives positive reception


The first Sustainable Foods Summit drew to a successful close at the end of June in Amsterdam, with the organisers and delegates satisfied with the inaugural event. The 2nd Sustainable Foods Summit will take place again in Amsterdam, in June 2010.

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The German organic logo Biosiegel

Germany: Updated country report at the homepage of the Ministry of Agriculture


A completely updated report on the current situation of organic farming in Germany is now available at the homepage of the German Ministry of Agriculture BMLEV.

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Logo IFOAM EU Group

Organic aquaculture regulated at EU level


After more than one and a half years of discussion, the Standing Committee on Organic Farming decided at the end of June 2009 on implementing rules on organic aquaculture.

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Logo organic cotton homepage

Global organic cotton platform launched


Recently the Global Organic Cotton Community Platform was created for active members of the global organic cotton community to share conversations, knowledge and information about organic and fair-trade cotton.

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New Scientific Journal 'Organic Agriculture'


On 29 June 2009 the Executive Board of the International Society of Organic Agriculture Research ISOFAR signed a publishing agreement with Springer Science + Business Media B.V., Dordrecht, Netherlands.

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Canada: New organic logo and regulation


On June 24, 2009, the Government of Canada revealed the new organic logo that will give organic producers access to more markets and make sure Canadian consumers can find more certified organic food products in their grocery stores.

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European Union: Commission establishes an expert group for technical advice on organic production


The European action plan for organic food and farming recommends, in action 11, establishing an independent expert panel for technical advice. The tasks of this group were recently outlined in a decision of the European Commission.

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Logo African Conference

First African Organic Conference: Growth in African organic sector unity


The first African Organic Conference “Fast tracking sustainable development in Africa through harnessing Organic Agriculture and Biotechnology” was held in Kampala, Uganda, from May 17 to 22. The next African Organic Conference will be held in Zambia in 2012.

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Costa Rica: 2008 figures available


The unit in charge of organic agriculture at Costa Rica's Ministry of Agriculture AROA has recently released the latest figures (2008) on organic agriculture in the country. More than 8000 hectares are under organic management.

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Cover Book of Abstracts, African Organic  Conference

First African Organic Conference: Book of abstracts now available


More than 200 participants participated at the African Organic Conference in May 2009, which focused on evaluating the opportunities for organic agriculture in Africa. The book of abstracts is now available.

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US: New study shows that nearly three-quarters of U.S. families buy organic products


Findings from the 2009 U.S. Families’ Organic Attitudes and Beliefs Study, show that three in ten U.S. families are actually buying more organic foods compared to a year ago.

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Logo Organic Monitor

Global organic market: Time for organic plus strategies


The economic slowdown is impacting global organic food sales. After reporting high growth rates for over a decade, 2009 could be the first year of single-digit market growth says Organic Monitor in a recent press release.

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Logo Agence bio

France: Market and land under organic management increase strongly in 2008


Sales of organic food in France jumped 25 percent last year and more than 60 percent in three years to reach 2.6 billion Euros, according to Agence Bio, the French Organic Food and Farming Agency.

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Cover of the report 'Emerging Issues in the U.S. Organic Industry'

US: New study: Emerging issues in the U.S. organic industry


Since the late 1990s, U.S. organic production has more than doubled, but the consumer market has grown even faster. This fast-paced growth has led to input and product shortages in organic supply chains, and several new issues are emerging in the organic industry.

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IFOAM EU Group comments declaration on the future Common Agricultural Policy


At a recent meeting, the Ministers for Agriculture of the European Union agreed on a common declaration for the future of the Common Agriculture Policy CAP. The IFOAM EU Group’s response is that serious steps to tackle these challenges must follow in order to make the 2013 reform of the CAP a real...

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Jordan: National programme for organic farming launched


On May 11, 2009, Queen Rania of Jordan launched the National Programme for Organic Farming Development, which seeks to replace traditional cultivation methods with organic farming in 2 to 5 percent of the Kingdom's agricultural lands by 2014.

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Cover of the broshure: Low Greenhouse Gas Agriculture: Mitigation and Adaptation Potential of Sustainable Farming Systems

Meeting of the FAO Committee on Agriculture: Successful side-event on organic agriculture


At the 21st meeting of the FAO Committee on Agriculture, held April 22-25, 2009 in Rome, a successful side event on "Organic Agriculture, Climate Change and the Environment" took place.

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Logo of the IFOAM EU Group

IFOAM EU Group elects new President and Executive Board


The European Union Group of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements IFOAM, the IFOAM EU Group, has elected a new President and Deputy President and has formed an Executive Board.

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Uganda: Organic exports reach more than 22 million US Dollars


Uganda earned over 22 million US Dollars in 2008 from organic products exports. The country has over 206'803 organic farmers, and there are 38 exporters.

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Brazil introduces organic label


Over three thousand participants have chosen a Brazilian organic logo. Three designs were presented on the website of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Supply.

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African Organic Conference Logo

African Organic Conference in Kampala: Programme now online


From May 19- 22, 2009, the African Organic Conference, titled 'Fast tracking sustainable development in Africa through harnessing Organic Agriculture and Bio-technology' will take place in Kampala, Uganda. The conference programme is now online.

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Report on the Fourth Senegalese National and Annual Fair of Organic and Natural Products


From April 8-12, 2009, the National Federation for Organic Agriculture of Senegal FENAB organized, in collaboration with the FAO, the Fourth Senegalese National and Annual Fair of Organic and Natural Products in Thies.

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US: More funding for organic farming


On May 5, 2009, US Agriculture Deputy Secretary Kathleen Merrigan announced 50 million US Dollars for a new initiative to meet the Obama Administration's promise to encourage more organic agriculture production.

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US: Organic sales grow by 17.1 percent in 2008


Sales of organic products in the USA, both food and non-food, reached 24.6 billion US Dollars by the end of 2008, growing an impressive 17.1 % over 2007 sales despite tough economic times, according to the Organic Trade Association (OTA).

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Development of organic land and farms in Spain 1991-2008. Source: Ministry of Agriculture, Madrid, 2009. Graph: FiBL, Frick
Land use in organic agriculture in Spain 2008. Source: Ministry of Agriculture, Madrid, 2009. Graph: FiBL, Frick
Spian: The five regions with the most organic land in Spain 2008. Source: Ministry of Agriculture, Madrid, 2009. Graph: FiBL, Frick

Spain: Organic land increases by 33 percent in 2008


For Spain a major growth of organic land is reported for 2008. According to the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture there are more than 1.3 million hectares of organic land.

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European Union: Competition to create a new EU organic logo


The European Union (EU) is looking for a new logo for organic products. Young artists or designers can enter the logo competition and send their creations until June 25, 2009. The competition is organised by the European Commission.

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Aquaculture: Study 'Organic Aquaculture 2009 – Production and Markets' published


The recently published study 'Organic Aquaculture 2009 – Production and Markets' looks back at the development of organic aquaculture production and identifies and describes important issues with regard to standards and laws. The study was published by Naturland and Organic Services.

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Development of agricultural land in Argentina 2000-2008. Source: SENASA. Graph: FiBL
Main land use types in Argentina 2008. Source: SENASA. Graph: FiBL
Distribution of Argentinian exports by crop type 2008. Source: SENASA. Graph: FiBL

Argentina: More than four million hectares of organic land in 2008


In Argentina the organic agricultural land increased by 36 percent in 2008, and it is now more than 4 million hectares. Production of crops for export increased by 14 percent; 135'634 tons were produced.

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Logo technology platform

Hungary: Technology platform for organic food and farming founded


Recently in Hungary a Technology Platform for organic farming was founded. The inaugural meeting took place in April 2009.

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The Netherlands: Organic land and market continue to grow in 2008


Biologica, the organic sector organisation in The Netherlands, recently presented the figures for organic farming for 2008. The area under organic management is now 50’435 hectares and has thus grown by 7.3 percent compared to 2007.

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Denmark: 10 percent increase of organic land in 2008


In Denmark the organically managed land went up by 10 percent during 2008. Currently more than 160'000 hectares or six percent of the country's agricultural land are organic.

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Italy: Market grows by more than five percent in 2008


Italy's organic market continues to grow. In 2008, the Italians spent 5.4 percent more on organic products compared to the previous year. The growth, which must partly be attributed to higher prices, was however slower than in 2007, when the organic market grew by 10.2 percent.

In total, retail...

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May 16-17, 2009: IFOAM fundraising training in conjunction with the First African Organic Conference in Kampala, Uganda


In order to strengthen the African organic network and ensure its sustainability, IFOAM is organizing a two day fundraising training for representatives of the African movements in conjunction with the African Organic Conference to be held from May 19-22, 2009, in Kampala, Uganda.

The training is...

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EU environment-related indicators 2009 published


The recently published leaflet 'EU environment related indicators 2009' presents 10 environment-related indicators that highlight environmental trends, including organic farming.

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Kyrgyzstan: Organic cotton


The BioFach Newsletter reports in its latest edition, that an organic cotton project was started in Kyrgyzstan six years ago after conventional cotton production had severely damaged the Aral Sea.

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Development of the organic land and farms in the Czech Republic 1991-2008. Source: Ministry of Agriculture, Prague. Graph: FiBL

Czech organic market: 40 percent growth in 2008


The turnover with organic food in the Czech Republic grew by 40 percent in 2008 and reached 1.8 billion Czech Crowns or 68 million Euros. Czech consumers thus spent more than 0.5 billion Czech Crowns more than in 2007, Green Marketing reports.

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cotton Report 2008

Global organic cotton market reaches 3.2 billion US Dollars, according to Organic Exchange


Global retail sales of organic cotton apparel and home textile products reached an estimated $3.2 billion in 2008, according to the Organic Cotton Market Report 2007-2008 released by the non-profit organization Organic Exchange on March 31, 2009.

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UK: Organic market report released


The 2009 market report for the UK has now been released by the Soil Association, showing that UK sales of organic products increased overall by 1.7% in 2008 to over £2.1 billion growing strongly in the first six to nine months and then falling back in the face of the economic downturn in late 2008...

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European Research: Key results from the QLIF project now available


The Integrated Project 'Improving quality and safety and reduction of costs in the European organic and low input supply chains' QLIF was funded by the European Commission under the 6th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development. A synthesis of the main results is now available.

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Marketing channels Austria 2007 & 2008

Austria: Organic market increases by more than 6 percent in 2008


In Austria, the turnover with organic food increased by more than six percent in 2008, according to FiBL, Agricultura and Bio Austria.

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BioFach India and the India Organic Trade Fair join forces


The first BioFach India now takes place together with IOTF, the India Organic Trade Fair, in the Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai, from 18-20 November 2009.

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Switzerland: Strong growth of organics in 2008


On March 24, 2009, the Swiss organic umbrella organisation Bio Suisse presented the latest figures on organic farming in Switzerland (end 2008). According to these figures, the Swiss organic market grew strongly in 2008 – by 11.2 %. The number of farms remained constant and is currently at 11.9%.

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BioFach 2009: Report on organic Africa at BioFach


For the second time at Biofach all the 35 African stands were grouped together under “Organic Africa”, comprising 120 exhibitors who displayed their products .

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IFOAM: New executive director


After a three-month worldwide search and review of dozens of qualified applicants, the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements IFOAM selected Markus Arbenz, currently of Bio Suisse, to serve as its next executive director.

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India: Organic farming update


India is bestowed with lot of potential to produce all varieties of organic products due to its various agro climatic regions. The market is growing steadily - both the domestic as well as the export market. The Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority APEDA informs...

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UNCTAD: Organic agriculture could boost African food security


African agricultural productivity, under threat following years of declining investment, policy shortcomings, and cheap food exports from other regions, could be restored through organic agriculture, UNCTAD says in a policy brief of February 9, 2009.

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Falkland Islands: Current status of organic farming


According to the BioFach Newsletter of March 6, 2009, of the 1.1 million hectares of agricultural land in the Falkland Islands, approximately 40 % is certified as in-conversion organic, following the Islands' government's interest in organic agriculture. There is a process for obtaining organic...

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Europe: ZMP graphs on organic agriculture in Europe


The German Central Market and Price Reporting Bureau (ZMP) has compiled a number of graphs on organic agriculture in Europe (in German). The graphs show the importance of certain crops grown in the countries of Europe as well as market volume and market share in the leading countries.


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BioFach logo

BioFach 2009: Presentations


At BioFach 2009 several sessions related to organic agriculture and the organic market in Europe and globally took place.

The presentations from the sessions 'The World of Organic Agriculture' and 'The European Market for Organic Food and Drink' are now available at this site.

Presentations ...

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Organic-world.net: Tables and graphs


The tables as presented in 'The World of Organic Agriculture 2009' and additional data are now available at this site as well as a power point presentation with the key graphs.

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Chinese organic label

China: New GAIN report issued


According to a new USDA GAIN Report released February 2009, the organic market in China has been growing at an annual double digit rate over the past decade. The early stage of organic farming in China was initiated by the demand from foreign countries. In 2005, the Chinese government issued...

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Germany: Latest figures released


According to the German Federation of the Organic Food Industry BOELW, the organic area increased to more than 900'000 hectares in 2008. This constitutes an increase of 5.3 %.  The number of farms is 19'824, an increase of 6 %. 

According to first estimates the organic market value was 5.8 billion...

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Map 2007

Global organic agriculture: Key Results from the 2009 edition of 'The World of Organic Agriculture


Organic agriculture is developing rapidly, and statistical information is now available from 141 countries of the world. Its share of agricultural land and farms continues to grow in many countries.

For more information see the key results.

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Logo IFOAM EU Group

IFOAM EU Group launches dossier on the new organic regulation


On February 19, 2009, the IFOAM EU Group launched its dossier on the new organic regulation. The dossier was published by the IFOAM EU Group as a very first stakeholder attempt to give a assessment of the regulation and its implications for the organic sector in Europe.

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Global Organic Agriculture: Continued Growth


The Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) and the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) will present the latest statistics about organic agriculture worldwide at BioFach 2009. The results of the study titled ‘The World of Organic Agriculture: Statistics and...

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Cover The World of Organic Agriculture 2009

The World of Organic Agriculture 2009 now published


The 10th edition of 'The World of Organic Agriculture' documents recent developments in global organic agriculture.

It includes contributions from representatives of the organic sector from throughout the world and provides comprehensive organic farming statistics that cover surface area under...

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