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Compliance to voluntary sustainability standards has grown steadily worldwide


The Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) presented the first results of its survey on Voluntary Sustainability Standards (VSS) at the second Trade for Sustainable Development Forum, 2015, at the World Meteorological Organization in Geneva on 1 and 2 October.

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17th survey on organic agriculture world-wide started


In August 2015, we started our 17th survey on organic agriculture worldwide.

The new questionnaire is available at this website.

The data will be published in the 17th edition of "The World of Organic Agriculture", to be ready for BIOFACH 2016 www.biofach.de, which will take place in February...

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France: organic market continues to grow in 2015


Organic farming and organic consumption is increasing in France. Between January-July 2015, the number of organic farms has increased by 8% compared to the same period in 2014.

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Interactive data table on key indicators now online


The interactive data tables on key indicators and on crops worldwide are  now online. Data on organic agriculture worldwide are also available as Excel sheets (key indicators and crops).

For the countries analysed in the OrganicDataNetwork project (European Union, (EU), EU candidates and potential...

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France: Development of organic agricultural land 1985-2014. Agence Bio, Nic Lampkin

France: Organic market and area continue to grow in 2014



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Danish organic market grows by 6.1 percent in 2014


Acording to the latest data released by statistics Denmark, the organic market is now at 830 Million euros. This figure includes the general retailers (supermarkets and grocery stores), but it does not take into account direct Marketing or specialized organic shops.

Compared with 2013, sales have...

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Follow us on Twitter: Statistics and news on organic farming worldwide


With its new specialized Twitter account @FiBLStatistics, the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture FiBL is providing a tool to find latest data and information on organic farming by country, crop and other issues.

The system is currently being set up and in the medium term, relevant...

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UK: Organic market shows improved growth amidst tumbling food prices


The Soil Association’s 2015 Organic Market Report reveals sales of organic products increased by 4% in 2014. The new figures announced in February 2015 show this is significant growth in a year when both food prices (down 1.9%) and food spending (down 1.1%) fell. Shoppers spent an extra £1.4 million...

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Organic agriculture and organic markets in Europe - 2013 update


The key data on organic agriculture in Europe are now available at orgprints.org/28706.

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United States: Statistical updates


A number of statistical updates on the U.S. organic sector related have recently been released or will be published soon.

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2014 edition of "The World of Organic Agriculture" now available in Chinese


The organic company Organic and Beyond has also translated the 2014 edition of "The World of Organic Agriculture."

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OrganicDataNetwork successfully concluded


The European project "Data network for better European organic market information" (OrganicDataNetwork) has now reached its end. The major outcomes are summarized in the Synthesis report and a set of recommendations have been established. Another important result is the Organic Market data Manual...

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Germany: New study on organic imports


Germany is not only the largest market for organic products in Europe but also one of its largest organic producers. In spite of this fact, Germany imported in 2012, 3 to 94 % of organic products, which could also have been produced in the country.

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Slides on organic agriculture world-wide


There are 3 presentations summarizing the key results of the FiBL-IFOAM survey on organic agriculture worldwide 2015 (data 2013). Apart from the global data, key results on crop and on regional data are presented.The following three collections area vailable:

  • Lernoud, Julia and Willer, Helga...
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Presentations from the session "The Organic Market in Europe" at BIOFACH 2015


On February 12, 2015, partners of the OrganicDataNetweork prsented the latest data on organic markets in Europe.

The presentations are now available for download at Organic Eprints.

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Julia Lernoud

Presentations from the session "The World of Organic Agriculture" at BIOFACH 2015


The presentations at the session "The World of Organic Agriculture" are now online and can be downloaded from Organic Eprints at www-orgprints.org/28216.

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Growth continues: Global organic market at 72 billion US Dollars with 43 million hectares of organic agricultural land worldwide


The latest global data on organic farming will be presented by IFOAM – Organics International and the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) at the BIOFACH fair 2015 in Nuremberg. The statistics will be presented on Wednesday, February 11, 2015, from 2 to 2.45 pm in Room Istanbul, NCC...

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Media release: European organic market continued to grow in 2013


In 2013, the European organic market grew by approximately six percent to a value of more than 24 billion euros. Consumers in the European Union spent 22.2 billion euros on organic food. This is shown by the latest data provided by the OrganicDataNetwork, the Research Institute of Organic...

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February 11, 2015: Launch of the 2015 edition of "The World of Organic Agriculture"


The session on global organic farming and market trends will take place place from 2 pm to 2.45 pm, on Wednesday 11, 2015, in Room Istanbul (NCC East) at BIOFACH, NürnbergMesse, Nürnberg, Germany.

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