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Organic coffee: North American market tops 1.3 billion US Dollars

The North American organic coffee market topped 1.3 billion US Dollars in 2008, making it the single most valuable organic product imported into North America, according to new data released on July 21, 2009, by coffee market analyst Daniele Giovannucci at an event hosted by the Organic Coffee Collaboration, a project of the Organic Trade Association OTA.

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According to The North American Organic Coffee Industry Survey 2009 by Giovannucci (with support from the Specialty Coffee Association of America), approximately 89 million pounds of organic coffee were imported into the United States and Canada in 2008, a 12 percent increase from 2007, with most of the sales taking place in the U.S. The 29 percent annual average growth rate for the organic category documented by Giovannucci between 2000 and 2008 dwarfs the estimated 1.5 percent projected annual growth rate of the conventional coffee industry. The survey is available from the Organic Trade Association OTA.

“Consumers have spoken loud and clear,” said Christine Bushway, executive director of OTA. “Consumers choose to support organic agriculture even when times get tough.”

Giovannucci agrees. “Consumers are being more selective and increasingly moving toward products they perceive to provide real and lasting value, both personal and to the environment.”

Source: OTA press release of July 21, 2009: North American Organic Coffee Market Tops $1.3 Billion


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