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Finland: 19 percent growth of the organic market in 2008

The market for organic food in Finland experienced slow growth for several years but in 2007 it grew by 10 percent, and the latest figures from Nielsen show that in 2008 the market grew by a healthy 19 percent.


The biggest growth was in the milk and meat sectors where growth was more than 40 percent. By market share, the most popular products are still vegetable oils and eggs. The market is estimated to be 74 million Euros, so it lags far behind Denmark and Sweden. The target in the Organic Action Plan is to reach six percent by 2015. That would be six times more than 2008 but still less than where Denmark already is.

This is reported at the Organic Food Finland blog. Organic Food Finland is an Export Group specializing in organic food from Finland and manages the export of organic goods from eight participating companies.

Source: Organic Food Finland blog, 19% growth in the Finnish organic market in 2008, March 12, 2009


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