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Falkland Islands: Current status of organic farming


According to the BioFach Newsletter of March 6, 2009, of the 1.1 million hectares of agricultural land in the Falkland Islands, approximately 40 % is certified as in-conversion organic, following the Islands' government's interest in organic agriculture. There is a process for obtaining organic certification from the Australian certifier Australian Certified Organic ACO, reports the organisation Biological Farmers of Australia.

"This environment lends itself to a more natural production system – perfect for organic farming," says Mr. McArthur, Falkland Islands Senior Agricultural Advisor. Currently, the FIs only export certified organic wool. "Once ACO organic accreditation comes through, the Falkland Islands are planning to export their certified organic wool to new and current international markets," says Mr. McArthur. Organic lamb and beef may potentially be marketed in the mid- to long-term future.

More information about organic farming in the Falkland Islands is available at the homepage of the Department of Agriculture, see organi section at the (see information at the Falkland Island's government homepage).

The Falkland islands are a self-governing Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom. More information is available at Wikipedia.

Information abou the Falkland Islands at the country section of the Organic World homepage.


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