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Swiss organic market continues to grow in 2015

Development of the Swiss organic market by main channels (Coop, Migros and others) in Million Swiss Francs. Source: Bio Suisse. Graph: FiBL


The latest figures for the Swiss organic market (from 2015), recently presented by Bio Suisse (www.biosuisse.ch ), show a clear increase in organic retail sales in Switzerland. Bio Suisse —the umbrella organization representing Swiss organic sector— unites over 90% of Swiss organic farms. The Swiss organic market has experienced dynamic growth in previous years as well, but the growth from 2014 to 2015 was 5.2%.

In 2015, retail sales amounted to CHF 2.23 billion (EUR 2.17 billion).

According to data from AC Nielsen (excluding organic specialized retailers, direct marketing, and discount stores), the organic market reached a market share of 7.7%, a new record.

With the exceptions of chees and bread, for which a slight decrease was noted, all products experienced an increase in 2014, both in sales and market share. Fresh produce achieved  a market share of 10 %. The most popular organic foods were eggs (organic revenue share of 24.3%) and fresh bread (20.1%).

According to the latest figures, almost half of all Swiss consumers bought organic products several times a week. The per-capita consumption rose to CHF 280 (EUR 262) in 2015.

With a market share of 44.9 %, Coop remained the leader in organic product sales, followed by Migros (29.3%) and the specialized organic retailers (12 %).

The Swiss Federal Office of Statistics also released their data in April. The total land used by organic agriculture in Switzerland increased by 3,000 ha compared to 2015, and is now 137,000 ha; 13% of the farmland is organic.  There were 6244 organic producers (11.7% of all producers). 

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