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South Africa: New report about export potential

A recent report informs about the organic production and export potential in the the Republic of South Africa with a focus on the Netherlands.


Conditions for enhancing the trade in organic products between the Netherlands and the Republic of South Africa RSA were assessed by means of a SWOT analysis, based on information acquired through interviews and desk research. There is a large potential to enhance the trade in organic products between the two countries, although  a number of issues needs to be addressed. The report concludes with a number of recommondations:

  • Finalise and implement the South African organic legislation or stimulate self-regulation within the sector for organic production, and monitor the implementation of the legislation. This would maintain or enhance the credibility of the organic sector among buyers.
  •  Improve the representation of the sector by establishing/strengthening a platform organisation that functions as a broker, representative and a vehicle for knowledge transfer. As platforms already exist, one of them should to take the lead in coordinating the development of the sector.
  • Facilitate the increase in knowledge of organic production and logistics by helping the South African organic sector and knowledge institutes.
  • Facilitate the establishment of contacts between South African producers and European buyers in order to improve cooperation and the transfer of specific knowledge.
  • Enable the capacity development of especially small/smaller and emerging farmers with regard to organisation skills and logistics, as well as with regard to technical knowledge of organic farming when they enter the export sector.
  • Support the cooperation between small organic farmers and that between organic farmers and conventional farmers such that they can combine their production for export purposes and increase their negotiating power.
  • Support the cooperation between producers and processors to establish cost-effective processing of organic products and to increase the availability of processed products for export markets.
  • Assist non-certified small organic producers to become certified, potentially resulting in a price premium for their products and enhancing export possibilities because larger volumes become available for export markets.
  • Analyse the potential of linking organic certification with Fairtrade certification.
  • Investigate the possibilities to reduce the risks related to the production and transport (especially the cold chain) of organic products.
  • Stimulate systems that enable producers and traders to access data on the production and trade in organic products. This would assist organisations that wish to support the sector to target the right geographical areas, the relevant producer groups, and specific crops and products.

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