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Ireland: New organic advisory group, Forás Orgánach

Trevor Sargent, the Irish Minister for Food and Horticulture at the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, named the members of Forás Orgánach on August 28, 2009. Forás Orgánach is a new body which was established to drive forward the development of the organic sector in Ireland.

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(DAFF, August 28, 2008) Forás Orgánach replaces the National Steering Group for the Organic Sector, which recently completed its second three-year term.  However, the new group has a different emphasis.  Whereas the National Steering Group brought nominees from various stakeholder groups together to agree a programme of action, Forás Orgánach is made up of individuals with expertise in particular areas who can bring their talents and specialist knowledge to our efforts to develop the organic sector further.

"The National Steering Group was an excellent forum for the various stakeholders to share their perspectives on the organic sector, and their biggest achievement was to produce the Organic Farming Action Plan 2008-12 which I described when I launched it as the single most important initiative in driving the organic sector forward in Ireland.  It is vital that we do not lose momentum as we work towards the target that was set for the organic sector in the Programme for Government.  The members of Forás Orgánach have been selected for what they, as individuals, can bring to this task.  I am expecting a lot from them but I have every confidence that, under the leadership of Noel Groome, they will deliver it", said the Minister.

Source: Minister Sargent names members of New Organic Group, Forás Orgánach. Press release Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food DAFF, August 28, 2009.

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