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Hungary: Technology platform for organic food and farming founded

Recently in Hungary a Technology Platform for organic farming was founded. The inaugural meeting took place in April 2009.

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The kick-off meeting of the National Technology Platform of Organic Farming took place on 29 April 2009. Mr. Zoltán Gőgös, the State Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development MARD highlighted the relevance of organic farming in his speech. According to him, this faming method can play an important role for the regional development of agriculture and regional food supply. He underlined that the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development MARD intends to support and promote the development of organic farming.

The kick-off meeting was hereafter conducted by Head of Department Professor Dr. László Radics of the Corvinus University of Budapest, Department of Ecological and Sustainable Production Systems and together with Executive Director Dr. Péter Roszík of Biokontroll Hungaria.

The participants agreed upon the main objectives of the Platform, namely to integrate all who intend to promote organic farming.

Dr. József Ángyán, director of the Institute of Environmental and Landscape of Management Szent István University, Member of Parliament, underlined in his comment that an organic change of agriculture should be realized and that a National Strategy of Organic Farming should be worked out.

Participants (private persons, institutions, associations, federations, growers, members of parliament; 15 persons) who were invited to the kick-off meeting as founding members unanimously agreed on the establishment of National Technology Platform of Organic Farming and declared it established. 

The aims of the Technology Platform are:

  • To determine the most important trends in research and development for ecological farming, taking into the Hungarian national conditions, resources and interests;
  • To harmonize the objectives of the National Technology Platform with those of the European Technology Platform;
  • To conduct a survey on the present situation of Hungarian ecological farming concerning the supports, marketing and processing; 
  • To propose a development strategy for the organic sector;
  • To set research priorities for organic farming at the national level; 
  • To develop a strategy plan and an implementation plan for the realisation of the objectives;
  • To deliver proposals to the appropriate governmental organisations;
  • To communicate the strategy, suggestions, implementation program and results of the National Technology Platform to the organic farming sector;
  • To represent the Hungarian interest and suggestions for the European Technology Platform and promote mutual programs and developments;
  • To promote the dissemination of the results  for the Hungarian farmers, processors, traders and other strategic  partners with special attention to the SME;
  • To promote and develop a national strategy plan of ecological farming;
  • To help promote an organic logo. 

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