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African Organic Conference: Workshop Report "Organic Agriculture for Improved Food Security in Africa" now available

During the 1st African Organic Conference held in Kampala, Uganda, a one day workshop was held on "Organic Agriculture for Improved Food Security in Africa". The workshop report has now been published.


The report Organic Agriculture for Improved Food Security in Africa: Recommendation to Future Development is the result of a one-day workshop held on 22 May 2009 as a part of the First African Organic Conference, 19-22 May 2009 in Kampala.

The workshop was initiated by Aarhus University, ICROFS, and Organic Denmark in collaboration with NOGAMU and Uganda Martyrs University. The background for this day was a shared interest among the organisers of the workshop to bring the results and findings in the UNCTAD-UNEP CBTF* report Organic Agriculture and Food Security in Africa into discussion at this African Organic Conference. The study presented in this report was initiated in 2004 and the report was published in 2008. It describes and analyses the relationship between organic farming and food security in Africa, and it presents evidence supporting the argument that organic agriculture can be more conducive to food security in Africa than most conventional production systems, and that it is more likely to be sustainable in the long term.

The aim of this particular workshop was to discuss how the findings can be used in practice, both in terms of guiding future development as well as being implemented to the benefit of all involved, and in particular Africans in current and future generations.

Recommendations focus on the following issues:

  • Capacity building
  • Organic researc.
  • Policy framework
  • Consumer awareness:
  • Interaction with policies and actors
  • Gender equity and equality
  • Certification
  • Market development

The Danish Development Research Network (DDRN) funded the day. The development objective of DDRN is to contribute to the inclusion of research and research-based knowledge in development assistance and in partner countries’ development activities.

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