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Pakistan: National Programme for the Promotion of Organic Farming planned

The government of Pakistan has planned to initiate 'National Programme for the Promotion of Organic Farming in Pakistan', officials told the Daily Times news service.


(Daily Times of September 24, 2009) Officials claimed that organic farming comes as on the top priorities specifically with relation to food security, diversification / alternatives in agriculture production, income generation for small and medium scale farmers and improves access to regional and international markets mainly through exports from developing countries.

Organic products have premium market, which may not be available to the whole population due to the prices constraints. The prices of organic products was increased by factors such as small scale production, widely dispersed farms, separate packing facilities, and pricing policies of the buyers. The ministry of food and agriculture will be sponsor agency and for execution the ministry would hire some consultants.

It is planned to prepare a feasibility report for promotion of organic farming across the country. For this, 50 villages would be selected out of 1012 villages described under the project “Special Programme for Food Security and Productivity Enhancement of Small Farmers in 1012 Villages in Pakistan (Crop Maximization Project-Phase II)” funded by Ministry of Food and Agriculture.

Source: Daily Times of September 24, 2009: By Ijaz KakakhelOrganic farming to avoid hazards of normal cultivation. www.dailytimes.com.pk

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