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IFOAM PGS Database now online

The IFOAM database on Participatory Guarantee Systems for Organic Agriculture (PGS) intends to help PGS stakeholders and other PGS-interested persons to connect and to provide compiled information to those doing research or wanting to support PGS. IFOAM regularly updates and monitors the information provided on its PGS platform.

The map provides an overview of PGS worldwide (showing numbers of farmers involved in PGS in the different countries). Comments should sent to the IFOAM PGS coordinator.


Participatory Guarantee Systems are locally focused quality assurance systems. They certify producers based on active participation of stakeholders and are built on a foundation of trust, social networks and knowledge exchange.

The PGS platform at the IFOAM homepage aims to offers a comprehensive list of PGS programs worldwide and offers to these programs the possibility to “register” to be included in the list and display some information on their PGS. Furthermore the page offers a lot of background information. 

PGS that would like to be listed in this database, or would like to post additional documents and information on their PGS page, should contact the IFOAM PGS coordinator.

Note: The IFOAM list of PGS programmes is by no mean an official endorsement of listed PGS programs by IFOAM. Registration on the list is voluntary, and IFOAM does not guarantee the compliance of the listed PGS with the key PGS characteristics elaborated by IFOAM, nor their integrity vis-à-vis the organic principles. Space is open for comments on each PGS program’s page and IFOAM encourages all those who have remarks, critics or comments to make to these PGS programs to do so in the appropriate comment section. Posting comments is easy and does not require any login or member password.

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    Tel. +49-228 926 50-10
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