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Serbia: New GAIN report

The Foreign Agricultural Service of the United States Department of Agriculture has recently released an extensive report about the current situation of organic farming in Serbia.

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Serbia has around 218 certified organic farmers with organic production on approximately 5'000 hectares.

Of these, only several hundred of hectares are certified by the certified organizations that are accredited by the Ministry of Agriculture. Total organic production is about 30'000 tons of organic products.

The total market value of organic products in Serbia is about 55 million US Dollars. Imported organic products can be found on supermarket shelves and in specialized stores. At present, more than 90 percent of all organic production is exported. Serbia has a potential growth of this sector but government support for organic farmers is limited due to reduced agriculture budget for 2009.

The report constitutes GAIN report Number RB9002. GAIN is the Global Organic Agricultural Network of the Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

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Editors note

The figures mentioned in the GAIN report partly differ from those collected by FiBL in the frame of the global organic survey. According to the Serbian Ministry of Agriculture, 920 hectares of agricultural land were manged organically in 2007, this constitutes 0.02 percent of the agricultural land. In addtion to the agricultural land, there were 1.2 million hectares of wild collection areas. The fact mentioned in the GAIN report, that international certifiers are active without being accredited by the ministry, is also reported for other countries, like for instance China.

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