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Austria: Organic apple production to increase in the near future

According to AMA-Marketing, presently 3 percent of the apples are grown organically in Austria, which is about 4'000 tons. This quantity covers about half the Austrian requirements. Every second organic apple is imported.


This will change with effect from next year. A number of young fruit growers in Stiermarken have cleared their conventional apple orchards and replanted to start organic cultivation. This crop will be on the market next year. The most important varieties are Topaz, Gala, Braeburn and Golden Delicious.

"With this development Austria is a forerunner. About 8 percent of the apple harvest will be organic in 2010 and consequently cover the domestic demand completely. In Europe the share of organic apples is only 1 percent " Erika Karner, who is in charge of organic products of at AMA-Marketing says.

Source: Stiermarken largest apple region. Austrian biological apple production doubled. Fresh Plaza, November 13, 2009

AMA-Marketing.at: Press release of November 9, 2009


According to the latest organic farming statistics, there were 1863 hectares of organic temperate fruit in Austria in 2008. A further breakdown of the land area is currently not available.

According to the latest edition of The World of Organic Agriculture around 25'000 hectares of organic apples were grown world-wide (see article by Granatstein et al).

The total organic fruit area (temparete fruit and berries as well as grapes) was 290'000 hectares in 2007 according to the msot recent FiBL and IFOAM survey.

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