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Tunisia: New organic logo

The new Tunisian logo for organic products.

The new Tunisian logo for organic products.


Organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Water Resources and Fisheries in association with the Tunisian Agriculture and Fisheries Union (UTAP), Tunisia  hosts the Tunisian organic product week from May 10 to 16, 2010. This is reported by Tunisia online news

During the event, the “Bio-Tunisia” label, will be launched and will be awarded to Tunisian organic products that meet standards and specifications established on the occasion. The label which will be awarded at a first stage to olive oil, dates and cereals, will help improve positioning of Tunisian products on the local and external markets.

During a news conference held prior to the organic product week in Tunis, Mr. Mohamed Chokri Ayachi, Director General of the Agricultural Investment Promotion Agency (APIA), said that the creation of this label is part of strengthening Tunisian farming products, pointing out that such products as dates, olive oil and some fruits are considered almost as organic products.

He also added that “in June 19, 2009, Tunisia received accreditation as organic exporter, thus becoming the 8th country accredited in this sector on the European Union market”.

Areas dedicated to organic farming in Tunisia are estimated at 300,000 hectares. The sector includes more than 1,800 stakeholders (producers, processors and exporters), while investments reach more 10 million dinars per year. In 2009, APIA approved of eight organic products with investments of 12.1 million dinars and donations totaling 2,2 million dinars. The number of projects adapted from 2001 to 2009 reached 52 with investments of 81,3 million dinars, in addition to donations estimated at 12 million dinars. Tunisia exported about 13,300 tons of organic products in 2008 with a value of 64 million dinars, compared with 1100 tons in 2001 with a value not exceeding 3 million dinars.

Source: Tunisia online news: Tunisia soon to host organic product week

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According to the Ministry of Agriculture & Hydraulic Resources, there were 174'725 hectares of crop and pasture land in 2008, in addition to these, there were 110'675 hectares of wild collection areas (see homepage of the Technical Centre of Organic Agriculture CTAB).


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