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Spain: Major increase of organic area in 2009

Recently the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture MARM released the 2009 data for organic agriculture in the country. According to these figures, there are 1.3 million hectares of organic agricultural land and in addition 0.3 million hectares are wild collection areas. The overall increase of organic land was 22 percent.


Like in the previous year, Spain is  the country in Europe with the largest area of organic agricultural land. (It should be noted though, that not for all European countries the 2009 figures are available yet).

If the wild collection areas are included, Spain has now a total organic area of 1.6 million hectares and is thus number 2 after Finland, which had eight million hectares of both organic agricultural land and wild collection areas in 2008.

In Spain, major notable increases in both absolute and in relative terms were noted for cereals (+ 45 percent, +58'000 hectares) and for grapes (+75 percent). Spain has more than 50'000 hectares of organic grapes now, and is thus the country with the largest organic grape area in the world. As regards cereals, Spain is now number five in the world (after the United States, Italy, Canada and Germany).

The number of operators has also increased: There are more than 25'000 organic producers now (+ 19 percent compared to 2008).
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