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Global market: Organic Companies Taking Sustainability Route

Organic product companies are increasingly turning to sustainability in order to shore up their green credentials. The market reesarch company Organic Monitor finds that organic food pioneers are leading the way, with a growing number marketing their products on sustainability values.

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Related issues will be discussed at the next Sustainable Food Summit, organized by Organic Monitor, to take place June 10 and 11, 2010, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Slowing market growth rates and rising consumer expectations are having an impact on organic food sales. The UK market showed negative growth in 2009, whilst most European countries reported low single-digit growth.

Organic Monitor research finds that positive growth is continuing at the global level, however it is far from 15 percent plus growth rates observed in previous years.

The economic slowdown has reduced consumer spending power; organic food sales have been affected because of their price premium. Another factor is changing consumer behaviour. With growing interest in climate change, third world debt and ethical issues, consumers are demanding more from organic foods.

They are looking at products that are ethically sourced, have low carbon emissions, support indigenous communities and have low ecological footprints. To these consumers, organic only meets part of a complex demand equation.

The Sustainable Foods Summit is a series of summits that focuses on the leading issues the food industry faces concerning sustainability, organic, fair trade and other eco-labels. The first summit took place in 2009. Topics covered in the summit include ethical sourcing, fair trade concepts, carbon offsetting, water footprints, traceability & transparency, sustainable sourcing & roundtables, ethical marketing, changing consumer behaviour and ecological packaging.

The Sustainable Foods Summit will take place at Movenpick Hotel Amsterdam City Center, June 10-11th. The summit is organised by Organic Monitor, a specialist research & consulting company that focuses on the global organic & related product industries. Organic Monitor regulary provides an article about the global market for organic food on drink for The World of Organic Agriculture.

Source and more information: Press release of Organic Monitor of May 7, 2010: Organic Companies Taking Sustainability Route (88.4 KB)

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