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Africa: New export guide


A new book under the title of "Entering the Organic Export Market" has recently been released. This manual is based on the experience of the “Export Promotion of Organic Products from Africa” (EPOPA project www.epopa.info), which has enhanced the livelihoods of approximately 110'000 smallholder farmers in Uganda and Tanzania.


Africa accounts for 2.5 percent of the world’s total certified organic land. 39 African countries are currently engaged in certified organic agriculture and about 1 million hectares are certified organic. According to the World of Organic Agriculture, the increase in 2008 was 10,500 hectares or one percent, which can be considered as rather small.  The leading country in terms of organically managed agricultural land is Uganda with 212,304 hectares and 181,000 farms. In addition to the one million hectares of certified agricultural land, ten million hectares of land are dedicated to organic bee keeping, forest collection and wild collection areas.

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