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Switzerland: Strong growth of organics in 2008

On March 24, 2009, the Swiss organic umbrella organisation Bio Suisse presented the latest figures on organic farming in Switzerland (end 2008). According to these figures, the Swiss organic market grew strongly in 2008 – by 11.2 %. The number of farms remained constant and is currently at 11.9%.


The current  figures in brief (details are available at the Bio Suisse Homepage):


The organic market showed strong growth in 2008. The turnover with organic products grow by 11.2 % and was at 1.44 billion Swiss Francs (almost 1 billion Euros), constituting 4.9 % of the total Swiss market. The growth was  twice at much as that of the general food market which grew by 5.6 %. The per capita consumption was 190 Swiss Francs or 126 Euros.

Three quarters of the organic food was sold by the two major supermarket chains Coop (50 % market share) and Migros (24 % market share). Growth was also reported for direct marketing (5.1 %) and the specialized retail trade (15.6 % market share). Discounters have become players on the organic market but with a turnover of 7 million Swiss Francs, their share is still very modest. 

Producers and land under organic management

In 2008, 5589 producers were working according to the standards of Bio Suisse. This represents 10.7 % of all farms in Switzerland. In addition to these farms, there area 522 farms that work according to the Swiss organic law without being certified by Bio Suisse. So the total number of organic farms is 6111, constituting 11.9 % of all farms. This is a 0.6 % higher share compared to the previous year.

The total organic land  is 121‘000 hectares, constituing 11.4 percent of the agricultural land. Of these, 112'000 hectares are managed by Bio Suisse farms.


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