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New Publication on Organic Guarantee Systems


The Technical Secretariat of the Inter-American Commission for Organic Agriculture (ICOA) and the Hemispheric Organic Agriculture Program (PHAO) of the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) are pleased to announce the publication of the book, Sistemas de Garantía para Productos Orgánicos en los Mercados Locales y Nacionales.

This publication discusses four of the models of guarantee systems for the certification of organic products that currently exist.

  • Public and semi-public certification in Spain
  • Argentina’s certification model, which operates via the producer’s association
  • Participatory guarantee systems (PGS) in Brazil
  • Third-party certification

These systems can contribute to the development of local and national markets of organic products in Latin and Central America, the chief objective of this joint effort by the PHAO and ICOA.

A full-text version of the document is available on the IICA and ICOA website, where it can be viewed and downloaded free of charge.

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