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TP Organics: Report from the Stakeholder Forum in July

On July 12, 2010, the Technology Platform TP Organics held its Stakeholder Forum in Brussels, bringing together small and medium enterprises (SMEs), civil society organisations, researchers, representatives of public institutions, and other stakeholders from the organic sector from all over Europe.


The aim of the forum was to discuss organic research in the context of EU Research Framework Programmes, SME involvement in research, high priority topics in organic food and farming, and the development of the Implementation Action Plan for Organic Food and Farming.

In her presentation “Organic Research Topics in EU Research Framework Programmes,” Cristina Micheloni from the Italian Association of Organic Agriculture (AIAB) emphasised the need for more research in organic food and farming, as organic farming provides not only high quality food, but also delivers many public goods such as clean water and air, biodiversity, and healthy soil.

Elke Denys from Bioforum presented the results of a study conducted among organic processors in Belgium, carried out by BioForum. The study confirms the difficulties of SMEs involvement in research and the lack of financing.

Susanne Padel, the TP Organics Scientific Coordinator, introduced the upcoming work of TP Organics.

Otto Schmid from the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) presented priority research topics in organic food and farming for the coming years. The Stakeholder Forum provided fruitful discussions, the outcome of which will be taken into account by TP Organics for developing the Implementation Action Plan.

TP Organics is planning to submit to the General-Directoral Research of the European Commission 10 to 12 high priority topics for consideration within the 2012 Work Programme of the 7th Research Framework Programme. The consultation will run from July 30 to September 12 on the TP Organics website (www.tporganics.eu). You are invited to take part in the consultation and influence the European research topics for organic food and farming.

Source: Newsletter of the IFOAM EU Group, July 2010

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