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Looking East Looking West: Organic and Quality Food Marketing in Asia and Europe

This new publication represents a unique collection of European and Asian perspectives on the production, trade and consumption of high quality food.


The rapidly growing demand for organic and quality food in Europe imposes new challenges on competing food value chains. Europe, as the biggest worldwide food importer, attracts many developing and developed countries in Asia.

Prospering Chinese and Thai food markets offer new opportunities for European operators. Wealthy and informed consumers on both continents search for trustworthy high quality food products. Farmers, operators and retailers from distant cultures are coping with different standards, facing the ever increasing necessity for mutual understanding.

This publication is the output of Bean-Quorum an European funded Asia-Link project. Bean-Quorum represents a consolidated network of researchers working together with the business sector and NGOs to enhance European Asian understanding about organic and quality food.This book describes global trends in organic and quality food trade and connects them with recent developments in Asian and European market structures. Selected case studies illustrate the impact of organic and quality food production on topics ranging from sustainable rural development, to the potential of exotic new plant varieties to purchase decisions of European or Asian retail managers.

Selected European markets are mirrored by the situation in Chinese and Thai markets. Finally, environmental issues concerning global trade of quality food are addressed.

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  • Dr. Maurizio Canavari
    Alma Mater Studiorum-University of Bologna
    Dept. of Agricultural Economics and Engineering
    40127 Bologna, Italy


  • Haas, Rainer, Maurizio Canavari, Bill Slee, Chen Tong and Bundit Anurugsa (Eds.) (2010) Looking east looking west: organic and quality food marketing in Asia and Europe:Wageningen Academic Publishers
  • 240 pages, ISBN: 978-90-8686-095-1, Price (€): 46.00 (excluding VAT); Price ($): 69.00



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