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Kenya: Organic Agriculture Movement launches its new roadmap

The Kenya Organic Agriculture Network (KOAN) recently launched its 2010-2014 Strategic Plan during a well attended meeting in Nairobi.


he Strategic Plan addresses challenges that the country is currently facing, including food security, environmental sustainability, and sustainable livelihoods. The Strategic Plan’s main objectives are:

  • Enhancing the visibility of the organic agriculture sector in Kenya;
  • Facilitating value chains development in Kenya through partnerships, networking and linkages;
  • Promotion of standardization and ethics within the organic sector in Kenya;
  • Facilitating knowledge exchange and learning for the organic agriculture sector in Kenya;
  • Enhancing KOAN’s capacity for coordination and development.

Besides the main conference, the event also included an exhibition in which stakeholders in the organic sector had an opportunity to exhibit their organic products and services, a photo gallery capturing KOAN’s milestones since its inception as well as success stories of producers in organic agriculture in Kenya.

Source: IFOAM Africa Office: Africa Organic News - September 2010

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Editors's note

According to the latest data (2008) of KOAN, in Kenya 5159 hectares of agricultural land are under organic management. In addtion there are 73'417 hectares of wild collection and 21'000 hectares of bee keeping areas.  

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