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May 16-17, 2009: IFOAM fundraising training in conjunction with the First African Organic Conference in Kampala, Uganda


In order to strengthen the African organic network and ensure its sustainability, IFOAM is organizing a two day fundraising training for representatives of the African movements in conjunction with the African Organic Conference to be held from May 19-22, 2009, in Kampala, Uganda.

The training is scheduled for May 16-17 and aims to improve knowledge and organizational skills of the national movements in their fundraising efforts at the national and international level. Specifically the training will provide participants useful guidelines and tools that can be used to:

  • Develop financial strategies.
  • Create opportunities and services to support financial strategies.
  • Secure consistent sources of income.
  • Ensure the medium to the long term sustainability of their organization.

Representatives coming from IFOAM Contact Points and other member organizations are eligible for receiving this capacity building training. The participation is free of charge.

Besides some fixed places, there is (limited) opportunity for participants of the African Organic Conference to also participate at the training. Interested persons are invited to submit the following information by e-mail to Hervé Bouagnimbeck at h.bouagnimbeck(at)ifoam.org by April 26, 2009:

  • Name and acronym of the organization
  • Country or region of activity
  • Activities currently performed to support Organic Agriculture in the country or region
  • Reasons why you would like to attend the training.

Attendees will be chosen by a screening process and applicants will be informed about the final decision by end of April.


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