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Canada’s organic rules in full force

In a recent press release the Organic Trade Assocation Canada informs about latest developments related to Canada’s Organic Products Regulations.

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Canada’s Organic Products Regulations will be fully enforced after June 30, two years after the regulations became law in 2009. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has followed a two-year Stream of Commerce and Enforcement Policy, allowing operators time to become fully compliant with the regulations. During this “phase-in” period, the CFIA managed minor non-compliances through notification and education, requiring correction within reasonable timelines.

“Full compliance with all provisions of the Organic Products Regulations is now mandatory. The Stream of Commerce policy was a great help for organic operators working to bring their documentation and labeling into compliance,” said Matthew Holmes, Executive Director of the Canada Organic Trade Association. “Now products labeled as ‘organic’ in Canada and subject to the regulations must be certified by a CFIA-accredited certification body, and all organic product labels must carry the name of the certifier.”

The CFIA consulted with the organic sector to build upon the pre-existing industry self-regulated standards. The 2009 regulations made Canada's organic standards mandatory for both domestic and imported products, and launched the now familiar “Biologique Canada Organic” logo, which allows consumers to identify products that meet Canada's organic requirements. The CFIA oversees and enforces the organic certification system, as well as organic claims in the marketplace. Now in full effect, the Organic Products Regulations have leveled the playing field and given both domestic and foreign consumers confidence in the organic label.

Source: Canada’s Organic Rules in Full Force . OTA Canada, Press release of June 30, 2011

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