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United States: New database with trade data

The Global Agricultural Trade System of the Foreign Agricultural Services (FAS) of USDA now includes monthly data from the U.S. Census Bureau on international trade in selected organic products, starting with January 2011 data. Updates are posted monthly thereafter. Data for previous years is not available.


On July 12, 2011,  the fifth month of U.S. Census trade data covering the available organic agricultural product codes was released.

In May 2011, U.S. exports of selected organic products to all markets were valued at $36.2 million (up 30 percent from the previous month), led by lettuce at $7.8 million, cherries ($4.5 million), and cultivated blueberries ($4.4 million). From the trade data, Canada was the largest export market.

Imports were reported at $57.1 million (down 25 percent), led by coffee ($44.6 million), soybeans ($4.3 million), and semi-milled or wholly milled rice ($2.8 million). Additionally, Mexico was the largest supplier.

The organic data is available on the FAS Global Agricultural Trade System page(www.fas.usda.gov/gats/default.aspx) under “Product Groups” in the standard query section to facilitate tracking the trade. The “Organics-Selected” group includes 20 U.S. import and 23 organic export trade codes, covering mostly horticultural products.

To retrieve the data, from the GATS "Standard Query" page at www.fas.usda.gov/gats/ExpressQuery1.aspx, locate the “Product Groups” box at upper right. From the drop down menu, select “Organics-Selected.” The Organics-Selected group includes 20 organic products imported and 23 products exported by the United States.

Source: Organic Product pages at the website of the Foreign Agricultural Service of the United States Department of Agriculture, Download of July 22, 2011


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