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Canada: Domestic sales at 2.6 billion Canadian Dollars in 2010


The Canadian Organic Trade Association (COTA, www.ota.com/otacanada.html) calculates the Canadian organic market has grown from 2 billion Canadian Dollars in 2008 to over 2.6 billion  in 2010.

Canadian companies annually export over 390 million Canadian Dollars worth of organic commodities, ingredients and products to the U.S., European Union and other parts of the world.

Since 2008, COTA has coordinated a Long-Term International Strategy for the organic sector, with roughly 500'000 Canadian Dollars in cumulative matching funds contributed through Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s AgriMarketing Program to support Canadian companies branding and marketing their organic products around the world.

The recognition of Canada's organic standards by both the EU and U.S. shows that Canada's organic standards are among the best in the world, said Matthew Holmes,  Executive Director of the Canada Organic Trade Association. "This agreement also means consumers at home will know that strong organic standards have been followed in order to enter our country, while eliminating the burdensome costs of multiple organic certifications now carried by farmers, processors and traders."

Source: Canadian organic sector celebrates trade deal with Europe. COTA Press release of July 5, 2011 at organicnewsroom.com

Canada: Information at Organic-World.net

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