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Ukraine: Brief update


At the BioFachCongress 2012 one session will with recent developments in organic agriculture in the Central and Eastern European countries (Organic Sector Development in Central and Eastern Europe on February 15). Below is an update on Ukraine, a full report will be given by Tobias Eisenring of FiBL at the Congress.

As per December, 2010, around 140 companies and a total surface of 270,000 ha of land are converted and certified organic. This represents approximately 0.7% of the total agricultural land of Ukraine. The majority of the surface is certified according to EU Regulation  834/ 2007.

During the last years the potential for organic products from Ukraine (mainly arable crops and products from wild collection) has aroused the interest of a growing number of international buyers.

The domestic market is also growing and has considerable potential, especially in larger cities. Supermarket chains started to play a more active role in organic trade. Generally speaking, the development of the organic sector in Ukraine is still at the very beginning and thus the assortment of organic products meagre. The main products sold on the domestic market are grains and unprocessed vegetables.

The Ukrainian parliament approved the law on organic farming in April, 2011, which was afterwards vetoed by the President. A final approval is still pending.


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