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Germany: Data on organic agriculture land and crops for 2010 now available from AMI


Based on data from twelve organic inspection bodies in Germany, the Agricultural Market Information Company published an overview of the structure of land use and animal husbandry in German organic farming (2010 data).

AMI data for 2010

For the most important product groups, the associated production volumes as well as the share of the total production in Germany were estimated.

Like in the previous year, the Federal Agency for Agriculture and Food (BLE)  funded the  collection of these data. Twelve inspection bodies participated in the survey, accounting for for 89 percent of the organic agricultural land and for 96 percent of the organic farms in Germany. The missing data were estimated by AMI. According to BLE, who collects the overall data, in total, 21’942 organic farms managed 990’702 hectares of organic land.

Like in 2009, the organic arable land grew faster than the organic grassland. Overall, 52 percent of organic area was grassland (515’000 hectares), and 44 percent of the organic farmland were arable land (435’000 hectares). The rest is distributed among the permanent crops, orchards and surfaces of unknown use.

The full details can be downloaded from the Oekolandbau.de website. These data were also included into the survey on organic agriculture worldwide 2012, published in "The World of Organic Agriculture 2012".

Further information

Oekolandbau.de: AMI-Strukturdaten zur Landnutzung und Tierhaltung



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