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Germany: Strong growth of the organic market in 2011

BOELW press conference of February 14, 2012 at BioFach, Nürnberg. From Left to right: Joyce Moewius, BOELW; Helga Willer, FiBL; Markus Arbenz, IFOAM; Alexander Gerber, BOELW; Felix zu Löwenstein, BOELW.


According to provisional data for 2011, compiled by the German Federation of the Organic Food Industry BÖLW (www.boelw.de), the organic area grew by only 2.3 percent, increasing from of 990’702 hectares in 2010 to 1.01 million hectares in 2011. For farms, the growth rate was 4.8 percent; 23’000 farms managed organically in 2011.

In 2011, the organic market grew at a faster rate than the organic land and number of farms. Compared with 2010, the organic sales grew by nine percent. Revenues grew from 6.02 billion Euros in 2010 to  6.59 billion Euros in 2011. "This growth is encouraging. The bad news is, however, that the development of organic farming in Germany lags behind the market development," said Alexander Gerber, Director of BÖLW. The logical consequence is that the import share continues to rise: "The import share is, for example, for cereals  15 percent, for potatoes and carrots 26 percent and 5 percent for apples," said Alexander Gerber. The latter data are based on a study carried out by the Agricultural Market Information Company (AMI) and partners. Further details are available from a presentation of Diana Schaack of AMI as shown at the BioFach Congress event "The global market for organic food" of February 16, 2012.

The data on German organic agriculture and the German organic market were presented at a BÖLW press conference at BioFach 2012. At this press conference, both the data for Germany as well as the latest data on organic agriculture and markets world-wide were presented. The data are annually compiled by the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (www.fibl.org) and the International Federation of Organic Agriculture (www.ifoam.org); they are published in the yearbook "The World of Organic Agriculture".

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