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Germany: Updated country report

The German Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Proptecteion BMELV has recently updated its report about organic farming in the country.


The report ot the BBMELV website covers many aspects of organic agriculture like  the German Organic Farming Act; organic farms and land in Germany, income situation, support for organic farming; the German organic production logo) and the Federal Organic Farming Scheme and Other Forms of Sustainable Agriculture (BÖLN), research and others.

According to the latest data (end of 2011), there were 22'506 organic-production holdings in Germany farming 1,015,626 hectares of land organically in accordance with the EU legislation governing organic farming. They account for 7.5 % of all holdings, farming around 6.1 % of the total utilised agricultural area.

According to the Agricultural Information Company (AMI), in 2011, the organic market grew at a faster rate than the organic land and number of farms. Compared with 2010, the organic sales grew by nine percent. Revenues grew from 6.02 billion Euros in 2010 to 6.59 billion Euros in 2011.

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