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Denmark: Organic farming is a way to secure sustainable development

Tomas Nørfelt Fibiger of the Danish Agricultural Advisory Service DLBR has recently updated his report about organic farming in Denmark.

Danish organic logo. Photo: Tomas Nørfelt Fibiger, Danish Agricultural Advisory Service, National Centre


The article includes information about agriculture in Denmark in general; the development of organic farming in Denmark; inspection and label; domestic sales and consumers, export and import; the advisory system; research; training and propsects.

According to the author, consumers, politicians, companies and farmers are all looking for ways to secure a sustainable development in Denmark. Organic farming is playing a vital role in this context. The challenge is to:

  • Maintain the integrity and the quality of the organic products;
  • Develop organic farming further;
  • Inform the consumers about organic products;
  • Get the political establishment to maintain focus on organic farming as an effective environmental tool and not just a market opportunity;
  • Get conventional processors involved in the processing and promotion of organic products both home and abroad.

There is impatience in the organic sector to continue the positive development, and in an article the journalist Per Henrik Hansen writes: "Over the last 30 years, seven per cent of the approx. agricultural land has been converted. If the development continues at the same pace, it will take another 398 years before all Danish agricultural land is organic."

However, the sector organisation Organic Denmark expects an annual growth in sales of organic products in Denmark of 12-18 per cent over the next three years.

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  • Tomas Nørfelt Fibiger of the Danish Agricultural Advisory Service DLBR



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