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Next global organic survey

The next survey on organic farming worldwide will start mid 2009. As in the previous years, it will be conducted by FiBL and IFOAM.

Development of organic agriculture and wild collection worldwide 2000-2007


For some countries we do currently not have contacts that could provide data, and we would be very happy if experts from these countries could contact us to contribute to the global survey on organic agriculture.

So far the data from these countries have been compiled from the data of the international certifiers but very often these data may not be complete, and we would prefer to have a local contact for the data collection (see brief info on data collection systems at this site).

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Helga Willer, FiBL, Frick

Hervé Bouagnimbeck, IFOAM, Bonn, for Subsaharan Africa


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Organic World.net

Global organic survey: data per 31.12.2007

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