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Austria: Organic land and number of farms: increase in 2008

In Austria the number of farms and the organic land increased also in 2008. With 13.8 percent of the country's agricultural land, Austria has the highest share of organic land in the European Union and the second highest in the world.

Development of the organic land in Austria 1990-2008. Source: Lebensministerium, Graph: FiBL


According to data recently released by the Austrian Ministry of Agriculture Lebensministerium, compared to 2007: 

  • the organic land increased from 372'026  hectares to 383'756 hectares; 
  • This constitutes an increase of 11'730 hectares or 3 percent.
  • The share of the agricultural land is now 13.8 percent compared to 13.4 percent in 2007.
  • The number of farms went up from 19'971 in 2007 to 20'102 in 2008, an increase of 105 farms.  

It should be noted that the Austrian Ministry of Agriculture is now introducing a new counting system for organic farms, based on the participation under the direct payment scheme INVEKOS; almost all Austrian farms are INVEKOS farms. There are 19'961 organic INVEKOS farms with 382'949 hectares. This constitutes 16 percent of the land managed by INVEKOS farms.


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