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Technology Platform TP ‘Organics’ launched

On December 2, 2008, the Technology Platform TP Organics was launched. TP Organics is a platform for organic food and farming research which joins the efforts of industry and civil society in defining organic research priorities and defending them vis-à-vis the policy-makers.

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he European Union's and global agriculture face major challenges like climate change, loss of biodiversity, food security and depopulation of rural areas. The research Technology Platform ‘Organics’, which was launched on December 2, 2008 with a public presentation in Brussels, outlines in its first major publication - the Organic Research Vision 2025 - the numerous ways in which organic food production can significantly contribute to solving these problems.

The Vice Minister of the Czech Ministry of Agriculture, Mr Jiri Urban, expressed in an opening greeting the support of his ministry for the Platform. TP ‘Organics’ is also being supported by a growing number of organisations representing the industry, the research community and the civil society.

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