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The World of Organic Agriculture 2010

Please note that since the publication of this volume revisions and updates of the data may have been received. Please check latest edition of "The World of Organic Agriculture" for updates as well as the statistics section at this website.

"The World of Organic Agriculture - Statistics and Emerging Trends 2010" documents developments in global organic agriculture.

It includes contributions from representatives of the organic sector from throughout the world and provides comprehensive organic farming statistics that cover surface area under organic management, numbers of farms and specific information about land use in organic systems. The book also contains information on the global market for organic food, the latest developments in organic certification, standards and regulations and insights into current status and emerging trends for organic agriculture by geographical region. 

The World of Organic Agriculture is edited jointly by the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) in cooperation with the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM).

The project is financially supported by the International Trade Centre (ITC), the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) and N├╝rnberg Messe, the organisers of the BioFach World Organic Trade Fair.


Willer, Helga and Kilcher, Lukas, (Eds.) (2010) The World of Organic Agriculture - Statistics and Emerging Trends 2010.  IFOAM, Bonn, and FiBL, Frick