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Argentina: Update on organic agriculture

The Argentinian competent authority SENASA has recently the latest data (per December 31, 2013) on organic farming in the country.


According to SENASA, the main destinations of organic products remain the U.S. and the European Union.  Exports to the U.S. grew by 22 % as compared to those in 2012, which reestablished the U.S. as the the main destination for exports. Total exports of organic products grew by 6 %, mainly due to the recovery in sales of organic fruit. Exports of animal products increased by 6 %, primarily due to an increase in the production of certified organic wool.

In the local market, the consumption of organic products continues to show a very low share of sales volume.

Both the surface dedicated to crop production and grazing areas declined by 15 % and 10 % respectively as compared to 2012. The totoal certifiied area is now at 3.28 million hectares. The number of production units decreased by 10 %.

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