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France: More than one million hectares of organic farmland in 2012

France can be pleased with the steady growth of its organic agriculture. It occupies the fourth place in the European rankings for organic agriculture after Spain, Italy and Germany (2011).

Cover: Agence Bio: L'agriculture biologique. Edition 2012

Agence Bio: L'agriculture biologique. Edition 2012


The organically farmed area rose by 15 percent  in 2011 to reach 975,141 hectares, and according to Agence Bio, the area even topped the one million hectare mark in the first half of 2012. The number of organic farmers and companies grew by 14 percent to 35,271.

Camille Moreau of Agence Bio reports: "Agence Bio just released the latest domestic market data with information on each product category in its 260 page report." The French organic market was estimated to be worth 3.755 billion euros in 2011, of which fruits and vegetables represent 16 percent and the wine sector almost 10 percent. One third of the sales are made within the specialized retail channel and less than half through the general supermarket channel. The public catering sector represented 158 million euros. By the end of 2012, a market value of almost 4 billion  euros is expected.

The market statistics are provided by the following professional umbrella associations: Interfel (fruits and vegetables), Cniel (dairy products) and the annual survey carried out by Agence Bio and AND international.

Consumers’ perceptions and consumption of organic products have been monitored using an annual barometer from 2003.

For the first time, in 2012, a specific survey on direct sales was carried out by Agence Bio. A specific barometer on public catering has been carried out every year since 2009; in particular measuring the penetration level of organic products.

Organic farming statistics are also available from th French government. 




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