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Denmark: Retail sales stable, strong increase of food service and catering

In 2012, in Denmark the organic market has remained stable compared with 2011; it is now at 885 million euros compared with 881 million in 2011 (excluding catering), according to data from Organic Denmark and Statistics Denmark.* However, the turnover in Food Service and catering increased by 16 percent.


The low increase of retail sales of only 0.5% compared with 2011, is due to a drop of 10 percent in the consumption of organic milk, due to lower conventional consumer prices for milk. However,  the market share for organic milk in retail is still 30 percent of the total milk market and thus higher than in any other European country.  A second reason for the stagnation is the financial crisis.

With a market share of 7.6 percent of the total food market, Denmark is the leader in the world. And as to the per capita consumption of amost 160 euros per person and year (excluding catering), Denmark is number 2 after Switzerland.

Table: Organic food sales in Denmark 2011 and 2012 compared
Retail market 1)733 Mio €737 Mio €
Box schems, farm shops and markets 2)81 Mio €81 Mio €
Internet, petrolstations, drugstores, etc. 2)67 Mio €67 Mio €
Retail sales, total881 Mio €885 Mio €
Foodservice and catering 2)94 Mio €109 Mio €
Total organic sales975 Mio €994 Mio €
Population as per 1 July 1)5,584,3345,603,341
Consumption per capita (retail + foodservice)174.6 €177.4 €
Organic share in retail market 1)7.6 %7.6 %
Organic exports 1)139.3 Mio €N.A.
Organic imports 1)195.7 Mio €N.A.
1) Statistics Denmark
2) Organic Denmark
Note: 1€ = 7.45 DKK
Trade figures for 2012 will be published ultimo November 2013

Information provided by Ejvind Pedersen, Danish Agriculture & Food Council, Aarhus, Denmark

More information

Organic-Europe.net: Denmark

Schaack et al.: The European market for Organic Food in 2011

*Please note that the 2011 figure has changed compared with data communicated earlier by Organic Denmark.


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